COREtec Flooring

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COREtec Waterproof Flooring

Gallatin Valley Furniture Carpet One Floor & Home in Bozeman proudly carries a full line of waterproof COREtec flooring products. Reinventing the way we see synthetic flooring, this remarkable luxury vinyl is trendy enough to impress the style-conscious, with the endurance needed to hold up to your busy lifestyle or business.

COREtec is definitely in a category all its own, distinguishing itself in a world of flooring choices. Holding onto its beauty while resisting water and grime, this vinyl tile and plank looks and feels identical to hardwood flooring. COREtec also happens to be environmentally sustainable, and it’s a cinch to install.

You’ll love the whole family of amazing COREtec products, including COREtec Pro Plus, COREtec One, CORETEC Plus XL, and COREtec Plus Design.

coretec plus xl lvp

Why COREtec?

Here are some other reasons to consider COREtec:

Fully waterproof core made using recycled materials

Competitive warranty

Impressive insulation protects against outside noise and climate fluctuation

Prevents growth of mold and mildew, kills odors

Pet-friendly and child- friendly

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